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Two Places for your self-knowledge journey
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In the day-to-day running, people, almost always, end up losing that connection we have with what is most precious: ourselves. For various reasons, our peace goes away and everything seems confused, with no way out. Anxiety, restlessness, something tightens the chest, calling attention to the time to stop everything and embark on a journey of self-knowledge.

This trip can be for me, it always is an opportunity to turn to what makes us good. That fills us with hope, pleasure and faith that better days always come.

Based on the places Ive visited, and others that certainly occupy a prominent place on my list of upcoming destinations, I have separated places that can be inspiration for your next road map, to receive the New Year, or perhaps to start one sabbatical or a journey of self-knowledge. So write down the tips because the list is special.

Sacred city for three major religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam Jerusalem is full of mysticism and faith. Its narrow streets with more than three thousand years of history welcome people from all over the world in search of a new meaning for life.

Much more than visiting monuments here, you will understand better why this city is so special. Its environment full of symbolism, the coexistence of so many different cultures and its spiritual legacy can help you in the process of inner search, shortening the way for you to reconnect with yourself.

Regardless of your religious practice, Jerusalem will impress you: I am talking about a city that has overcome wars, catastrophes and has already proven its power of overcoming and rebuilding.

Atacama, Chile

The Atacama Desert is a place that will show you how small we are in front of everything the world offers us. This is an ideal place for you to re-evaluate goals, life goals and, especially, to understand your place in the world.

With regions where it does not rain more than 25 million years, the driest desert in the world is challenging, lonely and unforgivable. During the day, breathtaking scenery will give you a new breath and at night, the starry sky that I have seen will lead you on a journey of self-knowledge full of invigorating thoughts.

San Pedro de Atacama is the starting point for exploring this place, but if you want to take an incredible route to score this stage, head to Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. In this scenario, volcanoes, salares and colorful lagoons will make you thank for every second of life.

Whistler, Canada

In telling me about this place, a friend described him as his church. At first, I did not understand it, but when I looked at the icy mountains that loomed up the horizon from the top of Black Comb Mountain, I understood that this meant, to my friend, a place of re-connection with what is good for him.

Whistler is a small town, famous for having one of the best ski centres in the world, but what struck me here was its stunning natural beauty, able to take us on a journey of self-knowledge without much effort.

Again, you will be challenged to realize your values, rediscover your principles, and prioritize what is important. In summer, when the snow goes away, the sun shines softly on this part of the globe leaving everything more alive and joyful.


Stay tuned with us if you want to visit these destinations & explore them:

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